Farmhouse table

I knew I wanted an old farmhouse table.  I also knew Iwanted the one that was in the smokehouse at my Grandmother’s.  For anyone who may not know, a smokehouse was where meat was hung or placed on shelves to cure.  There hasn’t been meat curing in it for sometime, but for my family, that dwelling will always be referred to as the smokehouse.

This table had been around as long as I could remember.  It was currently stored in the old smokehouse, and was in pretty bad condition.  My Grandmother could not fathom why I would want “that old table”.  She thought it just needed to be thrown away.

I begged, and told her to just let me try to refinish it, if I couldn’t pull it off, I would admit defeat.  Admitting defeat is not something I am particularly fond of, so I knew I had to pull it off!

My Great Grandmother had said she remembered it being in their home when she was a child, and it was built her grandfather.  That meant my project table would have been built by my Great Great Great Grandfather!  AMAZING!

I brought it home and went to work.  I sanded, sanded, and sanded some more.  Removing years of damage from the old boards.  At some point blue paint had been added to the sides and legs.  It was chipping, and I thought it was absolutely beautiful!  I didn’t touch it with a sander, and chose to just seal it to prevent further chipping.  After sanding down the top to my liking, I went over it with a wood conditioner.  I had decided not to stain it, I wanted the natural color of the wood to come through, so I chose to just apply a sealer.

I was absolutely in love with the results!  This is the dining room table I will have for the rest of my life.  Yes, there are imperfections in the wood, the boards aren’t completely level, and you can see where someone used the top as a cutting board, but it’s history,  my family’s history!  I can just imagine all the meals that were shared at this table, the stories that were told around it.  How I would love to witness some of what that table has seen!  My farmhouse table will always have a place in my home and my heart.



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    1. Thank you, I’m so glad it inspired you! How special you get to live in your Grandparents home!

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