Chalk paint makeover

Before and After

I came across an oak table for sale for $20.  Someone had spray painted the top of it black.  The table was very solid, and excellent size for a small dining space. I knew instantly it would be perfect for a chalk paint makeover!

I brought it home and got out my sander.  Yes, it did take a bit of time to sand all the paint away, but there is something amazingly gratifying to me about sanding furniture.  I love seeing the major change you can make in a piece of wood with a little work and a little time!

I always use a leaf blower to blow any dust off my pieces before I paint. Then a quick wipe down with a rag of the parts I didn’t sand, and I was ready to start this chalk paint makeover!

Once the top was smooth and paint free, I stained it with an oak colored stain.  Then I used a turquoise chalk paint and painted the pedestal and legs.  I applied some of the oak stain on top of the paint, and wiped away excess, leaving a beautiful sheen finish.

I think it looked like much more than a $20 table once I was done!

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