Moss covered Easter eggs!

I love Easter, most importantly because of what it represents for me as a Christian! I also love it because it means Spring time is here, and I love decorating for Holidays. However, a lot of the decor that comes with Easter isn’t exactly my style. That’s why I was so excited when I thought of this today!

I had been making some moss covered balls, and was cleaning up my mess. On the way to the trash can, I picked up a plastic Easter egg Chandler had been given, that had candy in it. As I started to throw it away, I had an “ah ha” moment!!

You guessed it, cover the egg with moss! Ta-da! Easter decorations that fit into my current decor! I used a low heat hot glue gun to adhere the moss to the egg. One egg I left plain, the other I wrapped some twine around and tied a little bow, just for something different. I love the way they look sitting on my drift wood.

This is a simple Easter craft anyone can do!

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