Chalkboard Tray

I love this craft!  It’s so simple!  I found some old silver trays cheap at an estate sale.  One was engraved “Happy 50th anniversary”, and included the date.  Since it was so cheap, I started thinking what I could do with it, chalkboard paint seemed the obvious answer!

I taped off the edges, used the chalkboard spray paint, let it dry, then rubbed chalk all over it and it wiped off.  This “seasons” the chalkboard and gets it ready to use.

I recently stocked up on stencils that were marked down to $0.75 at Hobby Lobby, so I was excited to get to use them!  I used a stencil adhesive to keep them from moving, then I used a product I now LOVE, Martha Stewart liquid chalk.  It comes in small tube with a foam applicator attached, it’s perfect for stencils!  It won’t budge once it dries, and if you want to remove it, wet sponge will do the trick.  Here’s a little tip, if you have trouble removing liquid chalk or chalk markers use a Mr. Clean magic eraser, they really are magic!

You could change these up with the Holidays or seasons, use for parties, write menus on, add a ribbon and hang, lots of different ways to use!


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  1. This is so great idea! Looks really lovely and I love this type of projects :)! Now I know what to do on a rainy day!

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