DIY Metal shelf makeover

One of my favorite things about decorating is being able to get the look I want affordably! That’s why yard sales, thrift stores, and flea markets are my go to places. This project is a great example of how a little repurposing makes a drastic difference!So you know those old metal shelves everyone uses in their garage? Well I happened upon one at a yard sale, old and with rusted shelves, but only $10.  I started looking at how it was put together, and asked my (very sweet) husband if he could cut me wood boards to replace the metal shelves. He said he would, so we loaded it up!

We practiced with taking the first metal shelf out and replacing with a cut pine board from Lowe’s to make sure it would work. Once we saw it would, we took the whole shelf apart so I could spray paint the gray metal supports. I thought black would look better. I just used a can of cheap flat black spray paint. The pine boards I “distressed” by hitting with hammer, cutting into the wood in various places with a wood file, then sanding smooth. Next I stained and let dry.

Then we just reconstructed the shelf with the wood shelves in place of the old metal ones. If you’ve ever priced shelves like these you know how crazy expensive they can be! So for the price of a few pine boards, spray paint, stain, and time, I got the same look!


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