Easter gardening basket

So as I was picking things out for Easter baskets at the Dollar Tree, I noticed the cute metal hanging baskets they had. Then I noticed the coco liners, the cute little terra cotta pots, and the carrot seed packets, and I got an idea! A grown up gardening Easter basket!

This one is for my Grandmother who always got my sister and I Easter baskets long after we were grown. She loves her flowers, and works out in her yard even though she shouldn’t! She grows some vegetables in her backyard and I know she will just love this!

I included in the hanging basket, two terra cotta pots, 2 flower seed packets, 2 carrot packets, gladioli bulbs, gardening gloves, gardening shovel and a chocolate bunny of course! So $12 for everything! Not bad for an adorable Easter gardening themed basket. Of course you could leave the chocolate bunny out and this would be a great gift for anytime!

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