Chalk painting, Antique Buffet Restoration

Chalk painting before and after

I love chalk painting furniture, and I love a good before and after! This one is probably one of my favorites. I came across this antique buffet, which had obviously seen better days, but I knew it still had potential! I had been looking for a piece like this for sometime, and it was cheap enough so I decided to give it a try. Obviously I couldn’t make it look any worse!

The Problems

It was obvious right away that the side doors were beyond repair. I could either put new doors on, or just remove them and let it be open storage. Option 2 was by far the easiest, so that was a no-brainer for me. One problem solved!

The next issue was the peeling veneer. I’ve dealt with this in the past, and I knew it could be removed without too much trouble. I would then give a quick sanding to the wood beneath, and it would be ready for stain or paint.

The Process

I get questions often on how to remove veneer. I’m going to tell you the easiest way I’ve found! The veneer is just a thin piece of wood that is glued on to the piece. To remove it, you just need to heat the glue and it will usually peel right off. A heat gun is one option, but since I don’t have one, I use a damp towel and an iron! It works like magic! Just be careful and don’t burn yourself with the steam.

So after the doors and old veneer was removed, I used a palm sander to remove the glue residue and smooth out the wood. I love the look of 2 tone furniture, so since the top under the veneer was in good shape, I opted to stain the top and drawers. Then I chalk painted the rest. I opt for chalk painting because chalk paint adheres better than regular paint. It takes much less prep work, and I like the finish it gives.

I was absolutely thrilled with the results! Let me know what you think and leave a comment on the blog, or on the FB post. Be sure to subscribe to the blog with your email and like the FB page!

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The finished piece

Chalk painting finished product
Finished piece, staged at a barn sale

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