Resin countertop

Resin Countertop

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I sometimes jump into my projects without too much thought. Most of the time those are the ones that turn out the best. That’s the case with my new resin countertop.

I had ugly brown laminate countertops that I despised. A couple of years ago I convinced my husband to pour a white concrete countertop for my island. He did, and I love it! Hopefully I’ll add that project to the website soon. But I still had the small counter by my sink that needed to be done.

I wanted an antique farmhouse sink, and my husband said there was no point in redoing the counters before I found the sink I wanted. That made sense, but I hadn’t found the right sink for our space and I can be a bit impatient!

Jumping in

One day I had seen those ugly brown counters as long as I could stand. I had some some gray and white chalk paint, and I decided to paint my counters to look like concrete. I did, and they looked amazing! Would they actually hold up? I knew probably not. I coated them with 3 coats of a sealer. Unfortunately it didn’t work. They were chipping, scratching and staining. 😢

The solution

As soon as I saw that they weren’t going to hold up, I knew what I had to do. I had covered a table on our patio with epoxy resin and loved it. It forms a clear hardened surface on whatever it’s poured on. I knew resin countertops was the solution to my problem.

The process

I had to touch up my counters with paint to go over where it had chipped. Here is a link to the chalk paint I used, here. The painting seems to be the hardest part for people. Don’t overthink it, you can’t mess it up! There’s no right or wrong. I would paint some, then step back to take in the overall look and add gray or white wherever I thought needed it. I included a short clip of me painting so you could see how easy it is.

The epoxy resin

This was the most involved part, and it wasn’t too difficult. I bought a kit from Ace hardware, and they do sell on Amazon, here. You just have to follow the instructions exactly. Basically there is the epoxy and a hardener. Mixing it correctly requires measuring and a timer to mix it the appropriate amount of time. I have used this kit twice now and both times it set up perfectly! No soft spots at all.

Once I had the epoxy mixed I poured it on the counter. (I wish I had taken pics or video for you to see, but I was home alone, and you do want to work quickly before it starts to set up.) Once I poured it, I then used a foam brush to spread it to parts of the counters it was difficult to pour on. After about 15 min air bubbles will start coming to the surface. You can use a lighter or small torch to hold to them and it will cause them rupture and disappear. So you want to have some time to just sit and watch it until the bubbles have stopped forming.

So once the epoxy resin is on the counters, it will be set in about 8 hours and be completely cured at 72 hours.

What a difference from those brown laminate countertops to what I have now. This is definitely a cheap option. I used chalk paint I already had, and a $32 resin kit. The surface area I had to cover was small, but the kit I bought will cover up to 8 square feet.

I’m absolutely thrilled with how my new resin countertop turned out!

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The finished resin countertop

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